Liberty CC


Halifax Yamaha
ahem…we mean
Liberty CC


We were asked to design a logo for Halifax Yamaha – Metro’s newest Yamaha dealer. The client wanted to create a shop that was about more than bikes. First task – new name. Second task – live up to the vision. 


Brand strategy, Logo development, Design, Print advertising, Digital Advertising, Social Media

Kickstarting a cool new brand.

When a new client told us they were opening an exclusively Yamaha Motorsport products dealership, we got pretty revved up. From the beginning, it was clear they wanted to be more than a dealership…they wanted to be a destination for all motorsport enthusiasts – Yamaha riders or not. And we got to help create it from the ground up starting with naming and identity, store design, tradeshow materials, brand launch and grand opening materials as well as on-going advertising and social media support.


Let’s back up to name. We came up with plenty of options, but the name Liberty CC stood out as having the right attitude, a spirit of freedom and a nod to motors and power with the CC. Then we moved on to building a visual identity that was clean and simple, but still cool and flexible enough to be used on everything from advertising to t-shirts and dealership decals for the Yamaha products. With these pieces in place, we jumped right into helping with elements of store design and helping Liberty CC make some noise and build a buzz about Liberty CC in the market. It’s been a couple of years since Stir first started working with Liberty CC, and it’s been a heck of a ride. Liberty is cruising along and Stir is still cranking with them on a number of on-going marketing pieces.

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